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Alexander McQueen & boudoir photography

Aktualizacja: 20 paź 2018

Few days ago I saw a movie ‘’ McQueen”. I always liked reading and watching biographies of great-minded people. No regrets also this time! The life story of British fashion designer, Alexander McQueen is just mind- blowing. Not only because it shows genius and visionary of this master of dark fashion, but mainly because it shows true personality and extraordinary life of a person known as “the hooligan of English fashion’’. Life full of passion which ended up sadly. #McQueen committed suicide in 2010.

After watching this movie, I realised how much I underestimated McQueen’s fashion. I only remembered vaguely some shows I saw many years ago, shown at TV Fashion channel. But I never really looked at his art closely. His designs were exactly what I love in fashion. Dark, gloomy projects, made of leather, feathers,  lace, black colour mixed with gold, with skulls  and transparent fabrics, unbelievable huge shoes, hats and extravagance headwear’s. His fashion combined painting, theatre and photography in to unforgettable piece of art. Everything mixed with dark shades and extreme make up. Just brilliant a master of #darkfashion

Few example of his magic fashion below (from his collection 2008/ 2009).

McQueen catwalk show - collection 2008 & 2009

McQueen catwalk show - collection 2008 & 2009

McQueen catwalk show - collection 2008 & 2009

McQueen catwalk show- collection 2008 & 2009

Thinking about this movie made me feel like posting these beautiful pictures taken about half year by one of my favourite photographer Christian Wachowski. Check his IG account here:


These pictures were taken half year ago, but so far I did't have a good idea how and with regard to which topic post them. At least now I found an inspiration...

These pictures, kept in #boudoir style, shows everything what I love in fashion the most - classy black colour, #feathers, #fishnet, #latex, extreme high heels and a spiciness ;-)

Pictures showing Alexander McQueen collection are protected by copyright which belongs to their respective owners.

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