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Awesome birthday gift!

Aktualizacja: 14 lis 2018

Few days ago I was celebrating my 34 birthday. This year I really didn't feel like having a big party. I know that age is just a number and how do you feel counts the most. But still, I don't really like the feeling of getting old. First wrinkles appearing on my face also don't help (LOL).

So maybe this was the reason why I exchanged crazy, wild party in to something else this year. I spent this day together with my boyfriend, trying to make something special out of it.

Luckily for me I have got great present this year! My boyfriend and I bought our first apartment in Amsterdam! How exciting is that!

This feels like a really big step in our relationship and my life. Having own apartment was always my dream. Be able to buy something in such a beautiful city like Amsterdam makes me double happy. Especially that the housing market for buyers in The Netherlands is just super crazy and expensive. Economic boom picks up their harvest. Amsterdam's housing market is even more difficult than whereever else in The Netherlands. Anyone who tried to look for a house to buy here knows how time (and money!) consuming this can be. And sometimes even this is not enough and the only factor that can help is just good luck, as in our case.

Today we signed the preliminary purchased deed at the notary. Just few months more and we can move in to our new, beautiful apartment! I am so excited to start buying new furniture and arranging my new walk-in closet!

Ps. At the day of my birthday I decided to do something for my healthy and beauty and stop smoking totally. No more being social smoker at the parties! I truly believe this give me less wrinkles and... lower fee for life insurance :)

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