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Be trendy this autumn!

Aktualizacja: 22 kwi 2018

I always consider myself as a planer freak. Planning itself is a good thing, but in my case, it looks like this: I love to plan. Plan A always needs to have some backup, alternative plan B or totally new option, like plan C.  I make list of ‘to do’ things on the daily, weekly, monthly basis… and in the end, I have only 75 % done of these. Maybe it’s still not that bad result. However, sometimes I feel that I set up limitation for myself. To have everything done according to the plan isn't always possible. Sometimes it’s time to let it go. That’s why I like these few, rare moment when I let myself to go with the flow…

This kind of spontaneous days like this one which happened last week. Especially, if these unexpected actions bring something creative to the day. It’s quite rare for me to have some time off during the week, so I wanted to use this opportunity to do something nice.  I called my old friend and offered her Friday’s afternoon coffee and… photo shooting in the park. Effect? Two girls, three cameras, 4 cups of coffee, sunny autumn day in Amsterdam and the final result- cool pictures! And of course, few ideas for autumn look of this season!

We choose the most famous park in Amsterdam- Vondelpark. Usually, during summer, it’s very crowded here. Fortunately for us, this time, early autumn day didn’t attract that many people. We started with a cup of coffee in Roost. Such a lovely place!  It was my first time here, but for sure, not the last one. Menu isn’t maybe very impressive here, but you can have here a cup of cappuccino and cheesecake in the orangery at the first floor.

Look of the day- classy elegance, with pinch of casual look. As usually in my wardrobe, black is the color the number one. To be honest, it’s been already 17 years of this long-term affair and I don’t predict it to end it any soon. But explanation of this topic will come soon, together with one of new post.

The hero of today’s look is… a hat! Yes, this is my favorite piece of accessory this autumn. Besides it gives a little mystery look, it can be very handy as well. In case of poor weather, it will protect your head from getting cold and your haircut- from being messed up by wind.

To break down the gloomy of fully black outfit, light beige coat might be a perfect solution! It gives elegance trim to the whole outfit. But as it a little chilly already, I wear a warm black coat with big collar on the top. Always is fashion. Very classy, although not the newest in my wardrobe, is doing its job since few seasons.

And the newest item - short boots with pike – one of my favourite purchased item of last few weeks. I found them abandoned (literally!) while I was waiting to the cash register in Zara.

Magda Morti

Ps. Pictures taken by @princessfuriouse (https://www.instagram.com/princessfurious) & @morti84 (https://www.instagram.com/morti84)

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