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Black Mirror is real!

Beginning of new decade could have been an amazing time for us, human being. But here we are, in first week of April 2020. Whoever was hoping for an amazing early spring, might feel disappointed. World is facing a global pandemic of mysterious virus called covid-19. The crisis is so overwhelming that has been named already the biggest world challenge since the II WW. Sounds heavy, indeed. Many of individuals might think the same way as I do now- reading about the history is way less stressful than being part of it. Especially when things that happen are scary, bringing illness, death, unemployment and huge economic recession. And most likely, all of these will follow by massive increases of mental breakdown, anxiety and depression. No need to name thing nicely, we are in deep shit.

Black Mirror is real!   I am consciously referring to one of my favourite Netflix series Black Mirror. Whenever I was watching new episode I thought ‘Wow, this is scary! I am glad we are not living in these kind of times yet’. Well, I guess we do right now. And although the series shows a bit twisted high – tech near future, it also exposes humans’ weaknesses and the tragic of illusory stable world. When things are good, then everything seems to be easy. But the line that separates us from a total ‘drama’ is very thin. Somehow, when I am reading daily news, I cannot stop thinking about this series. Not because the plot is anyhow similar, just because for the first time in my life I feel that sci-fi become my own reality.   So how to do not get totally crazy in this madness? Of course, I can speak only on my own behalf, as many others can be in way worse situation. To be honest, I can’t complain, as I am pretty much enjoying myself. I am having very comfortable life now, working from home daily, still being paid the same salary. I sleep longer, have more time for myself, reading forgotten, unfinished books, baking oat cookies, or just simply do less, or maybe even nothing sometimes. I didn’t feel so chill and relaxed since years. I have the feeling that entire world slows down, and this help me to do the same. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to control my own life to the point where I could stoped this spining machine in which I have locked myself years ago. Now, this has been done by something else, an invisible enemy everyone fears for. I am not saying I am gratefully for what is happening now, but as I can’t change the situation. So at leats I am trying to focus on what's good and positive.

Of course, I don’t want to sound like I don’t care, because that’s not true. It upsets me that people are dying out there and loosing their jobs. It's difficult time for everyone, but instead of readying daily news and counts number of infected people, it’s better to ask yourself what you can do about it to help the situation. In most of the cases, not that much, maybe bedside staying at home and keep ‘social distancing’. So let's do it! At least this. And enjoy time at home with your partner or family. Let’s focus on everything what is good now. Switching off TV and do not reading daily news helps a lot. Instead of it, let’s look for some motivation that helps us to stay positive. Switch on You Tube and listen to Tony Robbins or any other TED speaker, who will bring back faith in life and remind you that after every storm, eventually the sun will shine again. The same will be this time.

And here are few positive things I’ve noticed so far since the pandemia became our daily reality. People who cares, will always find the way to stay in touch with you, even if you can’t go for a drink together. If you have some toxic people around you, it so way easier nowadays to stay far away from them, just don’t text them back! If you are not going go out and your social life is officially dead, you are not seduced to buy any new, fancy clothes. Great, let’s safe some money for better (or worse) times, as this is the best moment to start to do so (if you are like me, constantly spending money from the credit card!). Also, while spending so much time at home, I really think that I don’t need a half of thing I usually spend money for. So, another life lesson for the future. Ok, we can’t travel now, but we still can plan all our dream travels. Another positive aspect of this entire situation is less air pollution! This really was something that our planet needed a lot… a small break. So maybe this is the best time for us to have a break as well? Focusing on what’s the most important in our life, being here and now rather than chasing happiness. Becasue the happiness might be closer than we think. Stay safe and healthy, stay positive. Kisses.

Magda Morti

Ps. These pictures were taken in January 2020 in Amsterdam, by Anthony Pena @_apenaphotos_

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