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Hello all!

I am curious if more people believe in similar theory as I do. Sometimes, it feels to me that the best things in life happens unexpectedly. I love this moments of receiving a call or a text message, when you don't expect anything super awesome happening on that day. It happened few times to me that I almost ignored them, or I didn't feel like continuing a conversation. Fortunately, at the very last moment I was saying ''ok, let's talk!'' Actually, that's how I got my job in fashion! Still cannot believe that I was just about to hang up!

So when I got an email from a photographer, who introduced himself as Anthony, this time I was smarter and read the email twice. It was definitely a good decision for me to accept his photo-shooting proposition. We took these amazing pictures in one of my favourite corner of Amsterdam. And, what's even more important, we immediately got an 'artistic click'. I am totally in love with all these beautiful shots, as they are so much me! A stylish girl, always dressed up in black and aspiring for real femme-fatal! Funny enough, but most likely I have way too soft heart for that LOL Nevertheless, I have these amazing picture in my collection now. And of course a new, friend- photographer. We are planning more cool photo-shoots together. I am already looking forward to them! More of Anthony's photography you can find here

All of these pictures posted in this blog post were taken end of January. So, actually, I should be surrounded by snow and winter landscape. But this year, winter didnd't feel like coming to Amsterdam at all. Hence my spring outfit and tulips!

I have got messages from girls asking me about the skirt I am wearing. Usually, in opposite to current trend on social media, I don't share my little styling secretes that openly. But this time I will make a small exception for my outfit. So, I found this super cool skirt on AliExpress for 10€ only! Super cool deal, all the links to my outfits are below.

Skirt: AliExpress, link here

Bag: Michael Kors, link here

Coat, Mango, link here

'Star dress' is from Claudie Pierlot, but I bought this one as secondhand, so I guess it's from few seasons ago, I couldn't find online this particular model. But this dress is also pretty cute.

Shoes (one of my favourite by the way!) I bought in one of the boutique in Amsterdam city center. Unfortunately I don't remember which one anymore and shoes don't have a tag neither, sorry!

Kisses & Love

Magda Morti

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