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Boost of self-confidence

Have you ever experienced standing in front of the mirror and being dissatisfied with your appearance? For sure! This has happened to all of us. But as we already experienced being there, on the self-critic side, it's time for new approach. Let the self-confidence work for us and make a better version of ourselves.

It’s funny how we are changing and developing over the years as human beings. This is called progress and it seems to be even more important than achieving goals. Consistency is the key! And it doesn’t matter what the progress is about, as long as every day makes a better version of yourself. Every small thing counts!

Why I am writing about it? Because recently I had the pleasure to work again with one of my favourite photographers, Andrej Garbow. We took a few amazing pictures that I love so much! And when I look at them now and admire the effect of our work, I cannot believe how confident I became in front of the camera. The way was long and the beginning was pretty… pathetic. When I was 4 years old I always cried seeing myself in the pictures. That’s how much I didn’t like my face in any picture. Fortunately I don’t cry anymore when the picture isn’t perfect. Well… now I have Photoshop! LOL

A lot of progress has happened since I was 4. I built a mature confidence about who I am and how I look. I've learnt that life isn't about perfection, because this doens't exist. Perfection isn't reachable, but self-confidence is. So aim for a better you, not for a 'perfect you'. And enjoy the process more than the final result.

Few years ago I was taking these kind of picture just for myself. Now, I am more than happy to share my pictures publicly, so please enjoy yourself as I do! This has nothing to do with bragging, showing nudity or seducing unknown eyes.... it's all about womanhood, self-confidence and better Me, Myslelf & I ♡

Magda Morti

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