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Aktualizacja: 24 maj 2020

Weird times we live now... I guess no one could imaging spring 2020 like it is today. Cinemas, stores, gyms, everything is closed. And we got closed at our homes. For many people this became pretty heavy experience. Being cut off from work, family members and friends, was unpleasant experience for many. Getting bored also did't help to stay sane and happy during lockdown.

So I tried my bets to organise my days in the most efficient way. Weekdays are relatively easy, as I am working from home during office hours. Instead of watching Netflix all day long at weekends, I've decide to do something that will bring me some personal satisfaction. In my case the best, healthy kick of adrenaline I can get is through taking pictures. I never really believed I am able to take some nice 'selfies' myself. But inspired by the guru of "advanced selfie" - Sorelle Amore, I've decided to give a try and turn my apartment into to photography studio! I need to say I liked it a lot! It's juts a beginning of trimming my self- portraits, but I already have a lot of fun with it.

Unfortunately, not everything went super smooth, as this exercise cost my Nikon camera a visit in the repair store. But this at leat gave me a good lesson for the future- always make sure that your tripod is stable and the camera won't fall over as mine!

Nevertheless, like they say 'no pain, no gain', so I still think it was worth it. Hopefully I will get my fixed camera soon and I can continue with my #homemadephotography

Magda Morti

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