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Brugge, city full of chocolate and romance

Updated: Nov 18, 2018

I’ve been already few times in Belgium, but until last year I even didn’t know about Brugge. Then I’ve heard from few different persons how lovely city is it, so decide to check this out myself.

On the beginning of July, my boyfriend and I were celebrating our 2nd anniversary, so the occasion was more than perfect to visit Brugge. It was very good choice for short weekend away! Especially if you are looking for a bit more romantic vibe than usually. Definitely no regrets!

The only mistake we made was to travel there by regular trains. Unfortunately, relaying on Dutch and Belgium trains during the weekend it’s  not the best idea. The distance from Amsterdam to Brugge is barely 260km and it should take 3 hours. In our case, we ended up traveling around 6 hours (LOL) 2,5 h delay for such a short distance! I think it was my life record so far with delayed trains. Hence I would recommend to buy a train ticket for slightly more expensive www.thalys.com or just traveling by car.

Nevertheless, besides some issues on the way, the rest of the stay was very pleasant. We stayed in the small hotel Hollywood (link here: http://www.hollywood-pension.be/nl/home). Very nice staff share a lot of tips with us where to go and where we can find the best chocolate in the city. Besides that, you can get this awesome breakfast to be served in your room!

The best part of Brugge, without any doubts, is the beautiful architecture of the old city. Walking around and admire stylish, Flemish type of architecture was such a pleasure for me. We were also very lucky with the weather, as every day was sunny and hot. Proper summer this year! Just loved the vibe!

The great weather we experienced made me think that summer is the best time to visit Brugge. Warm days give more opportunities enjoying time outside, having a picnic in the part (I would recommend Minnewaterpark, located in the south of old city) or just walking around between these little, lovely streets.

What’s worth to mention here is a difference in prices for ‘’take away’’ food or drinks.  As soon as you are seated, the same menu from ‘’street food’’ will change in to restaurant’s menu. You might be surprise that prices goes up twice! So, if you are OK with your coffee in a take a way cup, you will pay around 2,60 € for cappuccino. As soon as you seat down in the same cafeteria, the same cappuccino will cost you 4,60 €! Keep also in mind to have some cash with you. It was very surprising for me that debits cards are not always accepted and many places prefer payment by cash. I believe all the above is  related to the Belgium taxes and additional fees for cash- free transactions.

If you are in Brugge, there at least 3 things which you should put on your ‘’to do list’’: eat chocolate, drink beer and get on the boat!

Let’s start from the boat trip around Brugge’s canals. This is pretty cheap entertainment and easily available. No reservation is needed, you can easily get you ticket at any pier in the city center. Single ticket cost around 8- 10 euro for 30 min trip. Boats departures are quite frequent, depends on the demand.

Trying #Belgiumchocolate and beer it’s even easier, because city centre is full bars and shops that seduce us with smell of the most sophisticated kind of chocolate.  One of the best chocolate in the city you can find in The Chocolate Line. For more details you check their website here: http://www.thechocolateline.be/en/

In this place you can also see how the chocolate is produce from fresh cacao seeds, so it’s worth to take a look inside (even if you are on the chocolate -free diet).

For all beers lover I could recommend local brewery “De Halve Maan” (The Half Moon). Link here: https://www.halvemaan.be/

Oh, maybe one tip more on the end.  Make sure  you don’t start your diet the day before traveling. You will be seduced by smell of chocolate and Belguim waffles almost wherever you go. Impossible to resist!

Magda Morti

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