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Aktualizacja: 29 gru 2019

Welcome to Cape Town!

Kaapstad (local name) was the last stop of our three weeks long trip in South Africa. For me, it was always the 'must see' city. We spent there amost a week, just to be sure we have enough time to visit any place we wanted.

Cape Town is located on the south-west coast of the country, just beneath Table Mountain. It's just a dream holiday destination, as almost everyone can find interesting activity for themselves. City is surrounded by mountains and ocean, so there are unlimited activities for those who enjoy the nature.

Besides swimming in ocean and hiking, I chose one of my favourite activity while traveling - a photoshooting with a local photographer. This time I met lovely Franch girl, Marie-Laure (IG: marielaureroux) who has been living in Cape Town since few years. We immediately got a click and I totally love the pictured she took of me! She definetely felt what I was looking for!

Check out my most favourites snaps of this photoshooting!

We met in one of my favourite place in Cape Town - Waterfront. It was perfect spot for our pictures, as this place has great vibe of the city, but it isn't overcrowded with tourists. Well, at least not yet back in November. Another advantage of this location was a shopping mall close by. Usually I don't shop for clothes on my holiday, but this time was a bit different. Actually, I needed to buy myself some warm sweater and blazer (both I found in H&M), because it was so cold and windy! And I had only summer clothes in my suitcases LOL Oh well, my bad. In Cape Town can be still pretty chilly (18-22° C) this time of the year. Additionally, the strong wind makes the weather even worse. So be prepared better than me :)

Magda Morti

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