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Few days in Budapest

I have been planning a trip to Budapest since few years, always ending up with the flight ticket to different destinations. This year I decided to be more strict for myself and organise short trip to Budapest with by BFF Viola (as we wanted to travel together since ages).

Our plan was simple – me flighting from Amsterdam to Cracow and there we both getting into her car and drive to Budapest via Slovakia. This was a brilliant plan itself, just 6 hours driving through Slovakia, roads being surranded by beautiful mountains, short lunch somewhere on the way. Unfortunately, since beginning things didn’t go smooth. Constructions on the roads caused that our GPS got totally crazy and we… got lost. After that was also food poisoning (poor lunch) and heavy rain for most of the traveling time.

Later wasn’t any better LOL! Budapest welcomed us with poor weather and rain , rented apartment with huge cockroach under the bed and people on the streets… with lack of smile on their faces. Already on the second day we got a fine for lack of parking ticket. Well, actually we had a parking ticket but we paid off only 6 hours instead of 8. This wasn’t any bad intention on our side toward Hungarians tax payers, but simply lack of coins in hands. Unfortunately, in Budapest you won’t be able to pay for parking with your credit card or cash. Parking machines accepts only coins. So you can try to walk on the street with your piggybank full of forints in small change, or try to get some euros in coins. Some machines except euros as well and for 2 euro you can park your car approximately for 2 hours.

After all this rain we expiriencesd so far, we felt like being wet in the city isn’t fun enough, so we decided to go to popular SPA - Szechenyi Thermal Bath to get wet in natural hot sources!

We bought our entry tickets online (around 18 EUR) and we arrived with our happy faces at the location at 18:30 (SPA is open till 22:00). Well, the smile quickly diapered from our faces when we realized we cannot get in because we were 30 min too late. The representatives of the company that sold us we the tickets work only till 18:00, so no one was able to scan our tickets at that point (really lovely bureaucracy).

We had two options then – buy new tickets or execute our plan B and travel back to the city centre for night ship cruise tour on Donau. My friend insisted on this option, but luckily for us I was able to persuade her to buy new tickets and stay in Szechenyi. Apparently, it was again a nice gesture of my guardian angel who protected me from getting in to bigger troubles.

Unfortunately, that evening (29th May 2019) there was a serious accident on Donau which cost life of 7 Korean tourist while 19 other people are missing. Two boats on the Donau crashed and the smaller one sank within 7 seconds! So unfortunately, traveling isn’t always about fun, sometimes human tragedies happen as well. We could be that day on this unlucky boat as well… You can read more about this accident here.

What is worth to see in Budapest? I would definitely recommend visiting Parliament. This is really impressive piece (huge piece!) of architecture, also beautifully done inside. Also mentioned already thermal bath Szechenyi is a place where it's worth to go. In the end we went there twice (LOL).

But even simple things in Budapest can be fun! If you would like to see the most beautiful spots in the city but you feel too tired to walk, get on the tram number 2. This one goes along the river, so we can see the some of the most interesting places from the tram- Danube Promenade, Buda Castle Hill, The Liberty Statue on Gellert Hill, Parliament.

When you get hungry, or you feel like having a drink, I can recommend the Jewish District and slightly underground place Szimpla Kert, which is a huge pub with food, drinks, awkward art and garden in one. Just be prepare that Friday evenings are the most busy days there, so it can be hard to find free table, or any table in general.

So fortunately for us, things got better after all and we ended up having good time in Budapest. Regardless all the troubles, we are a dream team always having fun!!!

Magda Morti

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