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Hamburg, German Schnitzel and a brownie

Aktualizacja: 22 sty 2019

Speicherstadt in Hamburg - warehouse district built in Gothic Revival style

Although might not look like, but I really enjoy my coffee

Healthy snacks anyone?

Good beginning of 2019!

It’s just the second week of January, but I already feel like I am going the right direction with the right speed. Since the very first day I am having fun, meeting new people and catching up with old friends. I’ve already visited Het Scheepvaartmuseum in Amsterdam and art gallery Bucerius Kunst Forum in Hamburg, discovered new tasty Italian wine and baked my first brownie ever! This makes me feel a little proud, as I never baked any cake before. Most likely because I am not patient enough to follow the recipe, but this time I succeeded with me healthy, no-sugar added home-made brownie. Yeah!

Scheepvaartmuseum in Amsterdam

To do not waste any day of this year, already at the first weekend I traveled to Hamburg in north of Germany to visit one of my friend who moved there from Amsterdam. Although I don’t like sightseeing in winter, this time I convinced myself to enjoy this time regardless the cold weather, rain or any other minor inconvenience. The nice company and good German food (oh schnitzel!) of course helped! I am lucky to have a friend who is a professional photographer, so she took some cool pictures of me and taught me few useful Lightroom and Photoshop tricks. Thank you Alexandra! More of her work you can check here: http://alexamoonart.com and here: http://fancyshoots.com

That’s something that I am especially happy about, as I am having a strong need of learning new thing this year. And by saying that I mean not only to learn what I am usually do, so photography, blogging or improving my English or Dutch language skills. I mean to gain as much new skills as I feel comfortable with. I want to try new exercises at the gym, improve my yoga skills, cook new dishes, go for mindfulness training or try things I haven’t tried yet. I want to visit new places, but not only the most exotic countries, but also places I haven’t visited yet, including local museums. That’s why I bought myself a museum card that give me a yearly free access to most of the museums in Amsterdam many of other cities in The Netherlands. For anyone who lives in The Netherlands and might be interested, link is here: https://www.museumkaart.nl/

Besides of learning new things, I want to overcome my bad habits. So no more snoozing my alarm in the morning, running late every time or having unhealthy snacks. Although more discipline feels like putting some limitation to yourself, I believe in long term profits. So first save, then spent. First work hard, then celebrate. First gym, then chilling on the couch. Following this path I know I will have much more pleasure while having my 'cheat meal' day or buying a new, dreamest handbag. Because I know I was working hard on my fit body, so I can enjoy the biggest piece of brownie now without worry about extra kilograms. I was saving long enough to buy myself new brand fancy handbag, so I don’t need to worry about debts after all. All of these leads to one conclusion –fully enjoy the life we are having now. That’s the only one we have been given and our only one chance to walk through this one being happy.

Have a great start in 2019 everyone!

Magda Morti

Cold he? That's what happening when you pretend to be cool LOL!

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