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Hello December!

Time really flies like crazy! Cannot believe that 2018 is going to the end so quickly!

But on the other hand, I am so excited abut new year to come. I feel it's going to be very important year for me because there is a lot of new things to come. I am not going to reveal too much yet, but I have already few things planned that I really looking forward to! One of them is for sure moving in to the new apartment in March next year. Hopefully packing and unpacking will go smooth and very soon after that I can organise a house warming any soon.

But let's first focus on December itself. I really like this month, as it always brings me reflections about passing year and plenty of hopes, dreams and plans for the new year. It's also time of pre- Christmas shopping fever and buying presents. Time of beautiful lights decorations on the streets, smell of ginger bread and glühwein (definitely my favourite!)

More sport

It's funny that December is always such a busy month for me. I guess it's my subconscious mind trying to push me to the maximum and fulfil all remaining points from my 'to do list' (let's exercise more, let's read more books etc.). Luckily for me, I wasn't that harsh for myself begging of this year and instead of long list of 'new year resolutions' I wrote down only 3 key expressions: more sport, take it easy and no stress. Well, more sport meaning it's pretty easy to understand and fortunately, it was easy to follow us well. Since I had changed my gym and join the same one as my boyfriend, I really started training there regularly. Better atmosphere brought also more motivation. Additionally, I came back to yoga classes, which is just the most ideal activity for my body and mind. This helped my flexibility, which in general was my body goal for this year. I would like to continue this path and be able to do full split next year!

Take it easy

'Take it easy' was my solution for me being obsessed with lack of time. I remember that last few years, I was constantly talking about lack of time for everything. I felt I was totally overloaded with my daily duties and tasks, trying to follow up plenty of 'to do lists', updating my master plan and crossing out more and more completed items. This crazy situation caused that I ended up constantly repeating that I don't have time while not being able to fulfil anything. Just because I was busy with everything the same time. Really vicious circle. So this year I stopped even saying loud that I don't have time and started going with the flow with all the duties I have. Not everything has been completed, but well, who cares. It's not the end of the world, but at least I feel I have more time and do more things spontaneously.

No stress!

The only point I failed totally was 'no stress'. Even I thought I am kind of relaxed or there is nothing really stressful around me... my body was giving me totally opposite signals which I was ignoring. Last few years I was struggling with neck and upper back pain due to tension in my muscles, causing occasionally headaches or weird feeling that my head is going to fall off from my shoulders. Reason: stress (if we are stressed, our body unconsciously tight the muscles) and long hours spent behind the computer. Plenty of hours of physiotherapy didn't really help or any improvement was just temporary. Small relieve was always a hot shower, day in SPA... or holiday and being away from my laptop(s). At some point I got used to this situation, as pain was acceptable to handle on the daily basis and I still could live me life. But then, somewhere beginning of this year, 'shitt hit the fence'. I thought it cannot get worse than it was, but I was wrong. I started having headaches on the daily basis, totally resistant toward any paracetamol or ibuprofen pills.

These headaches are pretty specific. It feels like I am wearing way too small helmet. I ended up at neurological consultation, being diagnosed with tension headache... and the statement that western medicine can do too much for me in this case. There are some types of antidepressants that can help treat this types of headaches. So although I didn't feel depressed, I've decided to try it. Unfortunately it didn't work out, nothing else than another failure. I didn't feel well after this medicine I was taking, my headaches also didn't want to disappear. Now I am trying another medicine, with similar low effectiveness. So I am still suffering from this tensionheadaches every day, which make my life miserable. Because of this I have problem to focus at work, my mood is pretty poor am I being cranky as spoiled brat. I really feel sorry for my colleagues sometimes that they need to work with me (LOL). Of course, I am not proud of myself at all, but on the other hand it's really difficult to keep a good mood over the day while on the daily basis your head feels like is going to explode.

I am still trying to figured out what cause these headaches on the daily basis. It can be many factors and obviously, stress is the major factor. Beside this, it can be almost everything that bring me headache, or make it worse - weather change, too much coffee... or not enough coffee, red wine or wrong neck position during sleeping. But there is one more factor that worries me the most - using my smartphone. It might sounds crazy, as few billions people using their mobiles single every day, so why I would be the only one with this kind of problems? I don't know. But I definitely know there is some correlation between my headaches and (over)using my smartphone. But that's topic for another blog post. I have the feeling it will be long post... For now, I am challenging myself to use my mobile much less, or sometimes even don't take it with me while going out. It's kind of test for myself, as I am really curious if this will help me anyhow. I will keep you posted!

For now I can say only one - by purpose I 'forget' my mobile from home last Friday. So I spent the whole day without my phone. It was truly amazing feeling of freedom, less stress and... less headache :)

Have a lovely December everyone!

Magda Morti

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