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Late spring in Amsterdam

How can I do not love Amsterdam? This city is just amazing!

Maybe it's bit awkward to say this, but during the 'intelligent lockdown' in The Netherlands, I discovered this city even more! I've never seen streets so empty, as city was always full of tourists. And now, with almost empty street and parks, I see even more beauty of it than ever before! And let's be honest, although is advisable, no one want to stay at home when weather outside is so amazing!

So I took my friend Marta for walk in the city and taking some pictures. We had a lot of fun but taking pictures freely without massive crowd passing in front of the camera each time (yesss, wel known in the city center LOL). And... something cool came to my mide during this walk in the city. But I will reveal more in the next post :)


Magda Morti

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