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Updated: May 26, 2018

 It’s been few sleepless nights caused by excitement, a head full of hectic thoughts (where shall I start?!), doubts and concerns before I decided to write my very first sentence on my new blog! To be more precise – on my first blog ever. I asked myself- do I really have time for it? Writing a blog, especially in non- native for me language seems to be a challenge! Doing it next to the regular, full- time job and other hobbies & activities looks to me like… a total madness. 

Especially now, in October, which is always very hectic time for me. This year is even worse than usually. I am overloaded with daily duties at work and I am just about to get off to my business trip to Tel Aviv (already second one within last 3 months), I am planning my Halloween – birthday party and, the same time I am desperately looking for a nice and original birthday present for my boyfriend. 

Additionally, my weekly schedule is fulfilled with regular training at the gym, because I am working hard on my “beach body” which I want to proudly present during my holiday planned for November! On the top of it, I spend hours on Photoshop, polishing all these cool pictures I took lately. And of course, one of the most absorbing activity of last weeks – research on the topic which excites me the most now: How to start your own blog?

Challenges and… I need IT guy! 

So yes, after hours of exploring Internet and trying to pick up the best tips from all of these well experienced, cool and young blogger girls, I realized how super hard the beginning can be. Although there are many free and user-friendly platform to start with, I feel a little bit lost. And overwhelmed with the knowledge I might need to make it happen. I don’t know yet how to make my own logo, but there is a load of names that I need to get familiar with-  domain, hosting, SEO, etc. So far, everything seems to be a rocket science and it seems to be a lot of new things to learn.  Fortunately, I like challenges and self- development is very important to me. Getting familiar with all these things is a long- term learning process, but it’s worth to do it. And the knowledge will come together with satisfaction. 

I’ve read somewhere that a person can become an expert at something after putting 10.000 hours of practice. It is needless to say that these 10.000 hours of hard work is still a way ahead of me. Most likely it will take ma another 10 year to accomplish the expert level (based on the maths). To be honest, I’ve just started with writing. I think it’s the first time I write anything else besides email at work. Hence no surprise if this text might look like is written by rookie. Because it is true! But practice makes the master, so I truly believe in myself. I am prepared for a severe work and disappointments, but this is a part of every path to the success.

I’ve been thinking where to start and how to manage the workflow and time. I started looking for optimal solutions and I found small light in the tunnel. One of my main hobby is photography, which can be very usefully while run your own blog. Regular full- time job gives me also a little bit of flexibility, so I thought I could try to write also in the office. Of course, somewhere between thousands of other duties and tasks. In the end, I came to the smart conclusion that running own blog will help me to improve my photography skills and fast keyboard typing :) So, I’ve decide to try!  If something seats in the back of your head for years (own blog in my head) you just need to try it someday! 

Magda Morti


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