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MUST HAVE items in my wardrobe

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The most important in my wardrobe are always the basics- good quality, simplistic items. easy to maintain and combine with more sophisticated things. they aren’t out of fashion after two seasons, so they will always help you to have a ‘base’ for almost every occasion. if you don’t want to spend a lot of money every new season to be up to date with fashion, invest first in good basics that suits you and flatter your figure. find your style first, and then, spoil yourself with cool accessories that will boost your look. accessories are usually cheaper, and sometimes, even the trendy brands have affordable prices.

So be smart making your shopping list. For example, if crazy pink is the most wanted colour of this year, think twice before you invest 1000 euro to get a coat in this colour. It might be cool and fancy, it might suit the model from Vogue cover, but are you sure if suits you? If you are a tinny girl with plain blond hair, too intense might be overwhelming for you, causing that your face became less visible. Don’t let your look beat your natural beauty. Instead of buying one big item in this colour, get something smaller – a scarf or handbag. Here all colours are allowed, because nobody won’t tell you that dark green handbag doesn’t match colour of your hair. And for the safety purpose, buy a coat in the more neutral colour so it will be easier to combine it with anything else. Hence my choice stays remain- I always go for classic black or grey. Here nothing cannot go wrong! 

Coming back to the basics, there are few items that are my MUST have and they are always hanging in my wardrobe. While something gets broken or start falling apart, I am exchanging it by the new piece. On this list, there are: 

1.Leather jacket – this is my number one and MUST HAVE ever item! I really cannot live without! So usually, I have a few in my closet. Now my favorite is black Ramon's jacket from Bershka. If I could, I would wear it every single day! But of course, this is not possible in this part of Europe, especially in The Netherlands, when weather doesn’t spoil us too much and we have autumn for most of the time of the year. At this moment, I have four different leather jackets, all in black. So, I feel it’s time to look for at least one that will bring some variety to this collection. In the past I had dark purple, two red a and grey one. Still, that wasn’t enough!

2.Little Black Dress-  sexy, but classy! Every girl/ woman should have at least one at her wardrobe. It’s the simplest way to always look good. The risk of being overdress or underdress for any occasion is minimal. Sorry to say, but it suits wedding parties as well as funerals, dates as well as official company events. It’s all about the accessories and make up (so yes, let’s batter skip the intense bloody red lipstick for funerals).

Number 3. on my list is a pair of good quality jeans. No need to add a lot here – well maintenance will help them last years and it’s just an item that can be combine with almost everything! Ok, don’t put a skirt on the top. Still cannot believe I did that in high school!

4.Leather boots – my endless love. My favorites coming from Italy. I still don’t know the real secrets of Italian shoes, but it always feels like they are just made for my feet.

5.Blazer- very handy for formal occasions, jobs interview or as a fusion of styles in the combination with casual, torn jeans and sneakers. 

6.White shirt- it seems to be pretty boring element of a wardrobe, but it’s really underestimate piece of clothing! It looks awesome together with classic jeans, high heels and red lipstick. Perfect for decent looks and for bad, bad girls...

Very useful for interviews or styling as school girl (which I personally really like).

7.Jumpsuit- ok, this is maybe not a 'must have' item, but I definitely like to have one or two of these. At least the problems like 'does this blouse matches trouser?' doesn't exist. The only disadvantage is going to the toilet, usually taking this off takes a while.

8.Classy high heels - this is powerful tool! They will add you extra 10 cm and your outfit gain chic, your legs get longer and silhouette tempting. There is only one rule here - shoes need to be comfortable and well profiled. Otherwise your 'going out' will turn in to hell on earth.

9. Laces blouse/dress - this one of the item that most of us would be able to live without... but transparent lace looks so amazing on nude body that I needed to put it on my list. My number one here would be, of course, black lace. 

All illustrations by Megan Hess


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