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There is a lot of true in the statement that if you want to do be good at something, you should learn from the best. The same counts for blogging, which is relatively new topic for me. So before I even started, I've searched for the most successful and inspiring blogs to follow. I didn't mean of course to copy them anyhow. That wouldn't be even possible, as most of them is really a 'master class' along the #blogging network. But I was hoping for amazing ideas, beautiful pictures and... true stories how other started years ago.

Among thousands of amazing blogs, these few mentioned below are my indisputable Top 5.

Each of these blogs is an amazing collection of beautiful pictures, fashion, beauty tips and travel inspirations. I am truly impressed by the amazing job done by all these girls. They are smart, beautiful and hard working young #girlbosses who achieved success as bloggers and influencers.

List displayed below is my subjective preference. All the pictures used for this post are screenshots taken from the original pages and all the copyrights belong to their representative owners. I couldn't write this post without displaying what I was taking about, as there is nothing better than a picture that replaces thousand of words. Enjoy!

1. Masha Sedgwick by Maria Astor (aka Masha Sedgwick)


This girl is just amazing! I really admire her minimalistic and edgy style and being such a 'non- mainstream persona' in the blogging society. Born in Russian, based in Berlin, Masha started her blog in 2010. Her blog isn't only a decent place full of beauty tips, but first of all it's a virtual diary when she shares her thoughts and opinions, not only about fashion or beauty related topics. She isn't afraid touching controversial subjects, or topics that aren't very popular along other bloggers, like for example discrimination or downside of being... a blogger. She might not be a classy beauty, but I love her look and sex appeal. There is something raw and wild about here and I really like that. Her posts are cleaver, well written and always trimmed with beautiful, high quality pictures.

2. Mikuta by Jacqueline Mikuta


Together with her boyfriend Klemens White, Jacquline Mikuta creates a great blog with a pinch of rock'n'roll style and thousands of amazing pictures. And to be honest, pictures are the main reason why I am visiting her blog so frequently. The way she edits her pictures is just amazing! Desaturated, kept in similar style photography with blurry background attracted already 900K followers on her Instagram account. Having background in photography definitely helped her to create her own, unique style which makes recognisable along all other bloggers.

She was born in Sweden, currently living in Berlin with her boyfriend Klemens. Both of them have artistic souls which is easily visible on their blog. Both of them are taking pictures for the blog, while traveling, styling outfits or parting at festivals.

Mikuta's blog always cheers me up when I am looking at all these beautiful pictures taken by this cute, stylish couple. That's why I am always coming back here.

3. Stylescrapbook by Andy Tores


It's a perfect moment to mention this blog here, as Stylescrapbook just celebrates its 11th birthday. Happy birthday and congratulation Andy! Well done! A lot of hard work over these 11 years.

This Mexican girl stared her blog more a decade ago, when blogging wasn't that popular yet. Only few people back then, including my own father, had nose and faith in blogging as something big to come. Andy took her chance and achived a lot. I wasn't that smart and I didn't listen my father, so I am where I am now (LOL).

I might not be the biggest fan of Andy's Stylescrappbook fashion style (too many colors like for my taste), but I definitely have a lot of respect to the tremendous amount of work she has done so far on social media and her blog. Only on her Instagram account she posted almost 10,5K pictures! Incredible consistency.

4. Negin Mirsalehi by Negin


I am being totally honest here- I fell in love in Negin since I had watched one of her first #vlog. She is incredible beautiful, smart and funny. Although she started her blog barely few years ago, she already made an international career as social influencer, cooperating with the biggest brands like Dior, Victoria Secret, Dolce & Gabbana, Samsonite.

Okey, let's be honest, in her case not only 'feeling fashion' brought her so far, but also beautiful face, amazing body... and thick hair due to her Iranian roots.

Actually her hair became a recognisable trade mark for her own hair care beauty cosmetic line Gisou.

#Gisou is a product based on her mom's recipe from honey produced by her father in his bee garden. I don't know why, but I really love the story behind this product and common, family passion that she turned in to profitable business. Gisou brand brought her in to honourable place on the list #Forbes30Under30.

Despite the huge success she achieved, her weekly vlogs show cute and sweet girl next door, who is in love with her boyfriend Maurits and dog Mosey.

5. Fashioned Chick by Erica Hoida


Without any doubts, if I need to describe a perfect style I adore the most, I would say this name: Erica Hoida. This girl, based in San Diago, CA is my fashion guru. In my opinion her style is unbelievable amazing. I love totally everything what she wears. Her style is very classy, simple but chic the same time. Even casual t-shirt looks at her like designed piece of clothing. Of course, her great figure helps a lot, so everything looks just perfect on her.

But what I like the most about her style are simple, toned colours and a lot of my beloved lace and satin. She mainly picks clothes in black, grey, white, beige or powder pink. So exactly everything what I love the most. Without any exaggeration, I would love to wear ever single outfit of her. She is my no.1 in blogging fashion world.

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