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Nightlife in Berlin

This post will be very short, because of the simple reason. What I am going to write about, needs to be experienced rather than read about only.

I am not going to lie that I know Berlin very well, because I don't. I was there only twice, both times I was partying like crazy LOL! That usually don't leave too much time for sightseeing :P

Berlin is known as unofficial, European capitol of the most crazy parties. We all remember famous Love Parade which started in Berlin since end of 1989. However, not only in summer, but every weekend Berlin's night life offers a lot... I guess everyone have heard about the most famous night club in Europe, Berghain, where even Paris Hilton has been rejected at the door. Are you dare to try to get in?

Kit Kat Club, maybe not as famous as Berghain, but also worth to visit. However, before you go there, check what's on the agenda on that particular night (and morning, as parties there last till late mornings). This club hosts a lot of parties for open- minded people who wants to express their sexuality and artistic vibe freely. If you are not one of them, this club might be a bit overwhelming for you. But if you are just curious of new experience, get yourself a crazy part outfit and enjoy yourself... And on the way back from the party, get yourself a good cup of coffee. No worth to come back to bed anymore. Berlin never sleeps.

Magda Morti

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