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There is something magic and powerful about the red colour. It is well known that red attracts men’s attention and it is seen as very sexual color. It’s a color of passion, love and action. But also the color of blood, aggression , war and revolution. It’s the colour of beating heart, fire and the Devil. It is a colour of strength vitality. However, sometimes red is being consider as favourite one of impulsive peoples, eccentric artist and attention seeker. Is something bad about it? Well, not in my opinion. Nevertheless, there is no other colour that drives so many opposite human feelings as #RED. Maybe this is the secret then?

A girl licking her lips covered by a red lipstick is just timeless sexual symbol. But not only a girl’s lips are appealing. Logo of #RollingStones – Tongue and Lip designed by #JohnPasche became the unforgettable symbol of one of the most famous rock bands ever.

Red seems to be a little “controversial’’ colour, that is why I like it so much! Most likely it match with my slightly impulsive personality, high energy level and self confidence.

Besides black and dark purple, red is one of my favourite colour. I love the way how easily match with my black hair and (usually) pale skin. Like for me it is ideal colour for this season and so easily available in every new collection!

These picture were taken end of October in #Amsterdam. Fortunately for me, it was still warm enough to get undressed :)

The author of these shoot is my talented friend Anna Poll. Check more of her work here: https://www.annapoll.nl/

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