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September's memories

Updated: Oct 14, 2018

Summer slowly is going to the end, bringing us shorter days, less sun and definitely more rain.

When I was a kid, each September meant to me the beginning of new school year. Catching up with school friends, exchanging summer experiences, buying new school books, notebooks and all other cool school suppliers that every kid needs. I really like these periods of school year, as I always was coming back to school full of fresh energy, with head full of ideals and strong resolves that this time I will be better pupil with better marks… Yeah, I need to confess I always had some kind of weird fascination about school 'grinds' and I always wanted be one of them. Of course, I wanted be a cool nerd! This dream never really become true... Nevertheless, many years later, even without being a weenie, I was able to get my master diploma (lol).

Sweet, innocent  school years irrevocably have gone. So what makes me feel good in September nowadays? Definitely new clothes collections in shops! Instead of school suppliers, I’m shopping for  warm and cozy sweaters, boots and autumn coats! Looking forward to it a lot this year. However,  I need to be careful with what I am buying,  as my wardrobe is much way too small now for all my clothes! So hopefully, this coming autumn will bring me also some good luck with buying a new house. Even my boyfriend, although he doesn’t share this openly, down deep in his heart also dreaming about huge walk-in closet… So let’s the dream come true!

But for now let’s enjoy the last summer days…

Magda Morti

All pictures have been taken by Andrej Gabor.

More info https://www.facebook.com/andrej.gabor.3 & https://www.instagram.com/gabor.photography/

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