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Spring looks in dark shades

Hello all!

To be honest, this post has few weeks delay. I can blame lack of time due to moving to our new apartment, but also lack of consistency on my side. My plan was to post these looks end of March, when the weather just started looks like spring. However, few weeks later it's still cold as it was in March, so in the end doesn't matter that much. I am pretty sure this post is going to be up to date anyway :P

Usually when people thing 'spring outfit', they think about brighter colours and flower patters. Well, that doesn't work for me, so as always I am picking up my favourites shades of grey, black, white and... animal patterns. This last one are my number 1 this season! I already have few pieces, but I definitely go for more!

PS. I totally love these pictures captured by my friend Anna Poll Photography.

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