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Traveling alone to Copenhagen

Living in Europe has this huge advantage that you can easily choose from variety of many different destinations to travel for the weekend. This time I picked up Copenhagen from my 'still to vist' list. This was actually pretty spontaneous decision. I found some cheap flight ticket few months ago and I booked it for end of August. Without any particular planing or reaching out to any of my friends looking for theirs company durning this travel. Since beginning I felt like traveling alone this time.

It's funny, but I got few questions from my girlfriends or some social media friends regarding traveling alone. Some of them shared even their concerns that they wouldn't feel comfortabel to do it. Well.. that's all about it! What challenges us on the beginning, pay off later on! But let's start from the beginning.

I am definitely not a type of single backpacking traveler, but once a while I like to get myself out of comfort zone and experience something new. I am always having good time while traveling, so I don't really feel I would get bored being alone. For my single travels I always chose place which are consider being safe for single girl. This might sound roughly, but we all know that there are more and less safe places for tourist in general. When you are a girl, you just need to pay double attention and have a good deal with your Gaurdain Angle. Just kidding, usually things aren't getting that serious ;-)

Nevertheless, for my single trips I am choosing usually European cities, where the infrastructure is well developed, credit cards accepted and English language is common, at least at the hotels and restaurants. These factors make travels much easier and pleasant, which can be especially important when you are traveling alone and you need to take care of everything yourself.

When I am traveling alone, I am just focused on exploring new place and taking plenty of pictures. I don't go to the parties or don't coming back to the hotel late at night. Again, safety is always a priority. Usually I don't have any problem to fill my date with activities. And when I travel, even the most simple things like sipping cup of cappuccino in some lovely place makes me happy. Sitting alone in cafeteria gives me time to scroll my Insta feed or read a book. Juts all the quality time juts for myself :)

Copenhagen is really beautiful city, so this time I wanted to have also pictures of myself . So I found a photographer via Airbnb who took pictures of me. All of these beautiful shots were taken by @anastasia_snapshots.

Meeting a local photographer, beside beautiful pictures, gives also an opportunity to discover less popular along tourists places. And this is always big plus. And it's it good opportunity to plan something interesting during the trip.

If you are not in to photography, but still you would like to find some nice activities, I can recommend section Airbnb Experiences. Here locals are offering different ways to spend time, starting from a guided tours in the old town and museums through exploring street art and providing workshops in cooking or handcraft. Prices are diversed per the activity, but sometimes it is possible to find an interesting offer even for 20 euro, depends on the place and peek season.

I also discovered this opportunity given by Airbnb recently, but I like it a lot because it's affordable and safe. As per new policy, everyone, hosts and guest, need to verify theirs IDs.

I am not going to write here about well know things like how to find an accommodation or flight tickets, these things are manageable for everyone. But I would definitely like to recommend traveling alone as an extra item on the bucket list. Getting out of own comfort zone is aways an interesting experience. And there is so many beautiful places out there! So don't give your chance to see them, just because all of your friends were already there or your partner doesn't have time to travel with you. Just do it yourself!

Magda Morti

Magda Morti

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