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Welcome in 2020

Happy New 2020 everyone! New decade, new chances, new challenges....

Oh really? What if the new year resolutions list is empty, the same as the bank account? And there is no energy for making new, exciting plans or exotic trips? What if beginning of new decade sucks for you?

I always felt really excited about beginning of new year. In general, I really like holiday season and the end of a year. This was always perfect time for me to think about past 12 months, summary everything what happened and what I achieved. If I had had hard time, this was perfect moment to withdraw conclusion for the future.

I definitely cannot complain about 2019, as this was year full of important achievements. And a lot of amazing thing happened to me. I said 'yes' to man of my life and the most beautiful ring I could dreamed of, we moved in to our new, beautiful apartment when I could arranged my dreamiest walk-in closet. I visited places which have been on my travel list since years - Budapest, Copenhagen, South Africa. And the end of the year, I started job at the fashion company, where I was trying to get in since two years. So yes, definitely you were good to me 2019, thank you.

Ups... and downs

But now, it time to move on with 'new'. And, as usually in life, there are ups & downs. To be honest, 2020 didn't start very well for me. Without going into details, I am not having the best time now. I am having my downs now. And actually... that's ok too. Life isn't perfect. But life is good. With ups, and with downs.

Always dream big...

...are you sure?

Few days ago I watch a short speech of Arnold Schwarzenegger ('Hasta la vista baby!"). Mabe I am not the biggest fan of him, but this speech was motivating. He was talking about his 5 rules in life, like 'never give up', 'dream big' etc. All super appealing and well known rules. But still, only few of us is really following these rules. Easy to say, bit harder to execute. Also for me, so I am no judging.

However, what made me really think was his 'always dream big' rule. At this point, this rule needs small adjustment in my life. I can keep dreaming as big as I want to. But the goals should be realistic. Otherwise, there will be only frustration on the end.


I feel stars aren't on my side now, energy level is low... so my goals get smaller as well. And there is nothing bad about it. Because what counts the most is how do we feel about ourselves and our achievements. So I am 'downsizing' my goals for this year. Instead of saving 'THIS' amount of money, I will do my best to save 'this' amount of money only (especially that "THIS''one never poped up on my account in the last years ). Instead of having 6-pack and the model's body, I want to lose two kgs. Instead of visiting 5 or 10 new countries, I will be happy if I am lucky to visit only 2. This is all good! No pressure, no high expectation.

And what happens if the life expectation are low(-er)? In my case, even the smallest things iI start seeing small things around me. And these small thing also makes me happy!

Magda Morti

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