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What's worth to see in Havana?

We spent in Havana only 2,5 days, so I cannot say that I saw everything what was worth to see it. But it was very intense 2,5 days, so definitely I’ve seen a lot!

Below few tips how to enjoy yourself in Havana.



For many years I’ve been using Booking.com every time, for almost all my travels. However, as Booking.com is a huge American company, US government restricted them from offering their services in Cuba. Hence, the choice of hotels is very limited and, to be able to complete your reservation, you need to provide the purpose of your travel. Of course, ‘’touristic reason’’ is not on the list, so if you don’t want to lie that you are traveling for religious, business or humanitarian purpose, better find accommodation somewhere else. I found our casta palticulara here: https://www.havanacasaparticular.com/

We stayed in lovely Hostal La Cecilia at Calle Cuarteles, just behind the corner of Museum Of Revolution. This was also our first place to visit on our list.

Breakfast at Hostal La Cecilia

Museo de la Revolucion

Unfortunately, this was small disappointment for me. The building itself is really beautiful, although partially it’s under construction.  But the content of the exhibition wasn’t very special. There are only few rooms, and for someone like me, who doesn’t know the details of Cuban Revolution from 1959, following up on the chronological order might be difficult. On the top of that, the whole museum is tinted with a lot of communist propaganda.

Museum Of Revolution

Museum Of Revolution- interior design

El Capitolio

Another beautiful, impressive building that brings mixed feelings. Touring is possible only with a guide, during scheduled hours. The tour itself isn’t long. Nevertheless, you will be listening a long and fruitful story about glory of Cuba, so the tour takes around 45 min. The Capitolio Nacional is a very ambitious project that cost most than $17 million, contrasts with poor buildings in Old Havana. Built in 1926, originally was a seat of the Cuban Congress, later it was transformed in to Cuban Academy of Sciences and National Library. After renovation, it was reopened again in 2018 and become the house of Cuba's national assembly.

El Capitolio

El Capitolio - view from inside

El Capitolio- view on Old Havana

Smoking cigar

Even if you are non- smoker, at least once you should try to smoke a real Cuban cigar! The best place to do so in Havana is a cigar shop at Hotel Conde de Villanueva at Calle de los Mercaderes. Amazing vibe and the the best cigars in the world.

Get a rid with old Cadillac

This is a relatively easy task, as almost all of the old American cars have been turned as taxis. The only question here is how much you will be charged for it. For the short ride you will pay between 5-10 CUC. However, if you decide to take a longer route that includes touristic spots, the price might rise up to 50-60 CUC, which is almost the same as $60.


There are many place where you can eat, but it’s hard to find places where the locals eat. Every restaurant is full of tourists, so very ofter prices are also very ‘touristic’. But still, it might be hard to find a soap and toilet paper in the restrooms.

My favourite restaurant in Havana was Van Van at 58 San Juan de Dios. Good food, low prices, very cheap cocktails and great live music. The whole restaurant is decorated with portraits of Che Guevara and Castro. All of these bring amazing vibe of Old Havana.

If you would like to enjoy a drink with a great view in to Old Havana, I would recommend the roof top bar in the hotel Ambos Mundos at Obispo street. It’s a well know place for tourists, as this hotel used to me a home for few year for American novelist, Ernest Hemingway.

Magda Morti

Ambos Mundos - roof top bar

Ambos Mundos - beautiful decoration

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