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Wind of change...

Updated: Aug 24, 2018

Everyone has sometimes irresistible need of changing something in their life. If the need has a middle size, usually new haircut or new jacket is enough to satisfied this need. More extreme version of this kind of ‘change need’ is leaving your partner with two kids and start new relationship or move to another continent and look for your good luck there. Mine current 'need' is somewhere in between, which means I am  fine with my haircut, more than fine with my partner and I see moving to another continent as too much hustle.

So what I would like to change? If anyone had asked me this question few month ago, I would have said immediately – I want to have bigger house and new job! Cool! This would satisfied me!

Oh really? I wish this would be so easy. So easy to change and so easy to get satisfied of  this change.  Unfortunately, this process doesn’t really work this way. Bigger house usually gives us only higher bills and in the end – bigger headache. New job most of the time comes with higher salary, but also with more responsibility and more stress. Vicious  circle. This of course doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t go for the dreamiest house or try new career path. These are the life goals definitely worth an effort, when the time is right. What I have realised lately, the time for this kind of changes is not right for me yet.

Instead of pushing myself so hard to get more and more of everything, I am learning how to enjoy life with this what I've already have. And I have a lot. I am the lucky one to be in the great relationship, where my partner is my lover and friend in one. I have job that pays my bills and let me travel once a while for a business purpose. We're renting nice and cozy apartment 20 min from city centre (by bike, not by car) and what's the most important - I'm still healthy and have the whole rest of my life to enjoy.

Shall I be disappointed about things I don't have? Like 10K followers on Instagram, savings on my account, awesome job that blows my mind every day, more fit body of a shape of Victoria's Secret model? Sometimes I am. That's pretty normal for human nature to be frustrated when things don't go as we want. So it's OK to be disappointed once a while. This, in my opinion stimulates the progress. And progress itself is sometimes more important that achieving the goal itself. Small steps count as well! And, as long as we keep moving and doing something about our goals, we can consider ourselves 'go getters'.

I believe in 'dreams come true' fairy tale. But everything will happen in the right moment.

                                                                                                                                     Magda Morti


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