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X -mas Spirit!

Aktualizacja: 11 sty 2019

Merry Christmas everyone!

I really like this time of the year. Most likely my reasons are slightly different than other people have. I wouldn't mention eating unlimited amount of food and family meetings as firsts, not even receiving presents. But I definitely love all the Christmas lights (sparkling life babe!), huge Christmas trees everywhere and pre-Christmas shopping! I am glad I don't start drink Coca-Cola at Christmas, otherwise I would call myself a totally brain-washed victim of Christmas commercials ;-)

Neveretheless, there is some magic in the air around this time of the year... So hopefully everyone will make their own magic moments, regardless how we decided to spend these days. Traditional way of visiting friends and family is the same cool as traveling to exotic countries and drinking coctails under palms. Whatever makes you happy! The Christmas time is all about this feeling for me happiness.

My outfit consist of super cute Orsay sweter (3 seasons old already), Bersha cap, H&M blazer and old H&M skinny black jeans that I tore it myself. And the little secret of these pictures- my pink sunglasses. I've got plenty compliments on this little babies... so it's worth to mention that I got them at Primark for 50 cents (not kidding). So, never doubt you can look cool with low budget!

All these awesome pictures were taken by Andrej Gabor https://www.facebook.com/gaborfotograf/

Magda Morti

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